In this Blog, we will be looking at the role of the Funeral Arranger.

If you’ve done any research online, you may see something that says, “anyone can arrange a funeral”. In this case they are talking about the family member of the deceased and not the form role of a Certified Funeral Arranger. In this situation there are two different types of arranging happening here.

  • Most importantly, the Funeral Arranger works closely with the Funeral Director.

  • Works directly with the bereaved family to take them through the entire process.

  • Understands and knows exactly what legal paperwork must be filled out and by whom.

  • Is responsible to work with the Funeral Director / Conductor to ensure the deceased is taken care of and is in the custody of the Funeral Home.

  • Is at the heart of operations at the Funeral Home. They are the single point of contact to be able to answer accurately with no hesitation.

  • A strong and organised communicator. There truly is no room for mistakes in many of these steps.

  • Dedication to the Funeral Home, the Director, the deceased, the families, the staff and more. They will all be looking to you for direction or information.

  • Calm under pressure. This is a must. Being at the heart of the operation, you must be able to remain composed during upset, confusion, several moving parts and more.

  • A love of people and a desire to put others first. Compassion and empathy are key.

  • A willingness to ask questions. If you are unsure about anything you are working on, you must be willing to seek clarification immediately.

  • A willingness to jump in and help your team. Working as a Funeral Arranger is almost always done as a family atmosphere. This means jumping in where you are needed, whilst making sure to understand how to prioritise.

  • Reading the room, understanding that people will be feeling upset, confused, anxious and will need your guidance.

  • Putting pride in all you do. You are the face of the Funeral Home, in many cases. You’ll want to ensure you are dressed and present yourself as someone who is in charge, trustworthy and there to help.

  • Thinking outside the box and about the big picture. “Doing your job” is not enough. You need to be part of the Funeral Home family. Willing to bring any ideas forward that you think may be helpful, as well as letting those in authority know if there are issues which need to be addressed. You are the eyes and the ears of the organisation.

  • Personality. Let’s face it, if we were the family in need, we would want someone who we could trust, who would be knowledgeable, helpful, and warm. We like to call this “being the family’s person”. They should be able to see your face and be made calmer, because they know you are going to take care of them, and they can come to you with any of their needs

  • Trustworthy. This is incredibly important. You will be dealing with very delicate information and will need to be sure you are aware of the code of ethics and what is expected of you and make sure you can exceed expectations.

We've given you quite a bit to think about. But truth be told, most people who are a great fit for this role will feel energised and excited in reading these points. 

You will be thinking, “Yes! I can see myself doing these things. This would be a perfect role for me. This would be more than just a “job”, this would be my calling. I hope you’ve found this helpful. And as always, please contact us with any questions you have. Your future as a Funeral Arranger is closer than you think!

You can find more about our funeral arranger training programs by clicking HERE

Created by A.P.C Admin - Sept 2021