The shortest answer to the question of how to become a Funeral Celebrant, is to earn your certification. A Funeral Celebrant should be certified. All the details around this, you’ll learn below. First, you need to decide how and where you will obtain your certification and next, make sure you understand the actual process of becoming certified. There are some really important points to review and consider. We will split these into two parts; the first will be about you, the next will be about the actual steps you must take.

Being a Funeral Celebrant is something that entails some important attributes. Are you cut out for it? Is this something which would be rewarding for you? Let’s tick through some of the qualities which will give you a solid idea if you are heading in the right direction of scheduling your training.

Dedicated Time:

  • This is true with any new career. You will need to make sure you have time and attention to dedicate to your learning. At the end of this blog, we will give you a list of the modalities you can use to earn your certification


  • You do not have to be a professional speaker to be a Funeral Celebrant. What is a must is a desire to learn how to work with a family, how to speak to an audience of memorial attendees and doing what I like to call “reading the room.” Emotional intelligence is key when performing the role of Funeral Celebrant. Empathy, compassion and the ability to remain focused on ensuring the story of the deceased and the dignity of the family must always be put first

The desire to learn and potentially stretch your comfort-zone:

  • You will learn everything you need to know both pre-certification and also in your own journey in being a Funeral Celebrant. Never be hesitant to ask questions. There are no wrong questions. Ask!
  • Talk to other Funeral Celebrants and ask them about their experience and words of wisdom
  • Be memorable. Dress as if you could deliver a eulogy right then and there.
  • If you get the cold shoulder, or you find yourself getting ushered out, be sure they have your contact and confirm with them when (date/time) would be best to check back in, after they are able to review your social media, such as website, Facebook presence, YouTube videos, anything which will help them get a good idea of who you are.

The steps you need to take

  • Attend the training. As you near the end of your training sessions you will be doing a mock eulogy, which will include:
  • Meeting the “family member” who will be your main contact
  • Learning about the deceased family member/friend
  • Listening for both what is said and what is not said
  • Drafting a eulogy and sharing it back to the family for their review
  • Finalising the eulogy by ensuring you have the family’s approval
  • Delivering the eulogy
  • Pass your certification test
  • Create an online presence
  • Begin meeting with Funeral Directors and Arrangers
  • The most successful Funeral Celebrants don’t let grass grow under their feet! 

Having read all of the above, how do you feel? If you are feeling excited, hopeful and even a bit nervous? Are you ready to make to take the leap and become a Certified Funeral Celebrant? If yes, please see the following for what to do next:

  • Contact The Academy of Professional Celebrants here. From the website you will be able to select the date of your classes and arrange payment. At current writing of this blog, we are still in the midst of Covid. This means we have the option of in-person training in some places, and online training for all who choose this mode.

Created by A.P.C Admin - July 2021