Jill Howarth
Independent Funeral Celebrant - Covering Mansfield & Nottinghamshire

I have spent over two decades working and training with death, dying and bereavement, after the death of my husband in 1992.

About Me

I trained in counselling studies for two and a half years, but whilst it gave me some excellent people skills, I knew that I didn’t want to be a general counsellor, Bereavement was my passion.
I trained with Cruse Bereavement Care, and gave them over six years of volunteered bereavement support for their clients.

I went on to work in my local Hospice on the In-Patient unit for over a decade looking after the patients and supporting family members at a very difficult time. I then took on the role of Carer and bereavement support for my last eighteen months of my employment with them. I loved the work and it was a privilege to support someone at end of life and to support their loved one through a difficult experience. Whilst working at the hospice I trained to be a life coach, and gained an accreditation in life coaching, specialising in Bereavement Support.
In 2019 I gave up my job at the hospice to focus on starting and building a business to support people with bereavement. I wanted to train as a funerall Celebrant as the funeral is such an important part of the grieving process and the last thing you can do for your loved one.

I wanted to take Funerals as I had heard from many people how important it was to them to get this right and the impact it had on the healing process and on their lasting memory. I trained to be a certified Funeral Celebrant as I wanted to be the best I could be to make a funeral memorable and true to the person who had died.

Are you struggling to come to terms with the death of your spouse or loved one? Has your world been turned upside down and you want to feel more in control again? I assist newly bereaved people like you overcome the pain of bereavement. I walk with you on your journey through grief to gain control of your life, thoughts and feelings and help get you to where you want to be.

I too have been in your position. My husband had a fatal accident and left me with two young children to make a new future for. I was not in control of my emotions at that time but did the best I could for my family. Looking back, I faced some really tough times but I tried to remain as positive and as natural as possible. It was during this time I found strategies to help me to remain hopeful for our future. It took a lot of work on my journey to get me to where I am today. I'm so passionate about supporting you on your journey and helping you to get to where you want to be. Like me, I want you to bring the love with you and leave the pain behind.

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