Therese Walker

Therese Walker
Independent Funeral Celebrant - Covering Bolton & Beyond

Hello! My name is Therese Walker, and I am an independent Celebrant. I was born and raised in Southern California. I crossed the sea in 2009 to be with my one true love and am now a dual citizen of both UK and US. If you ask me, I will tell you that the UK is my true home.

In my life I have had a number of roles. In almost every case, my main focus was on learning about other people and doing what I can to help ease any hurts. I’ve even been a hairdresser and a barmaid! Later in life I entered the software world. 

Yes, it made ends meet, but did not feed my soul. So here I am today, with you, where I feel I have always belonged.
Of course, it’s true, we cannot fix every hurt, but knowing there is someone who will walk by your side in your darkest hour, can provide a feeling of safety and solace.

During the early 90’s, I did volunteer work during the time and discovery of HIV/AIDs. I’ve always believed in touch either emotional or physical is the most powerful of healers and comforters. And, having because a citizen here, I must add that a cuppa must be included with one of the loveliest ways we comfort each other.

My set of beliefs are wide and open to learning new things. What’s true for you, is what matters to me. This is the way I work with people at a time of need.

Each family or person who comes to me for help and support should expect to be heard and supported. Allow me to create a deeply touching and true tribute for your loved-one. You are always in control of what is said. This is your service, your tribute.

We will come together, and I will look forward to hearing all about your loved-one. Who they were in this world, what they meant to their family and friends and anything else you’d like to share.

I offer you my time, understanding and desire to give to you a safe place to create a beautiful, accurate and moving tribute.
Thanks for reading a bit about me!

Warm regards, Therese (or, if you prefer, you are welcome to call me by my nickname, T)

Telephone - 07850 116 676

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