Our Celebrant Training Poem

In the realm of our unique celebrant training, where hearts ignite,

We gather seekers, ready to embrace the light.

With words as our brush, we paint stories anew,

Crafting ceremonies that honour and renew.

In this sacred space, we learn to hold the key,

Unlocking memories, setting spirits free.

Guided by wisdom, we weave love's golden thread,

Creating moments that linger long after they're said.

We delve into the depths of life's tapestry,

Embracing diversity, celebrating unity.

With open hearts, we listen to each unique tale,

Embracing all, without judgment or veil.

We learn to honour life's milestones and transitions,

Guiding souls through joy, grief, and life's renditions.

From weddings to funerals, and all in between,

We stand as beacons, holding space serene.

With empathy as our compass, we navigate,

Through the ebb and flow of life's intricate fate.

We learn to speak with grace, to touch hearts with care,

To hold space for others, their burdens to share.

In this celebrant training, we find our voice,

A vessel of love, where souls can rejoice.

With reverence and grace, we step into our role,

Guiding others towards wholeness, making them whole.

So let us embark on this journey profound,

Where we learn to create moments that astound.

For in the realm of celebrant training, we find,

The power to heal, to uplift, and to bind.

Author - Stuart Logan 

APC Expert Celebrant Tutor