Are you passionate about supporting families during challenging moments in life? If so, becoming a professional funeral celebrant could be the perfect fit for you. It might just be the best decision you make this year. Our comprehensive 3-day program covers all aspects of Funeral Celebrancy, equipping you with the skills to become a professional funeral celebrant and run your own business. We understand that personalised training can be incredibly valuable for certain individuals, and we pride ourselves on offering this unique approach. Not all training providers offer this level of coaching. To learn more about our one-to-one reviews and our training style, click on "More information" below. We cater to delegates from all areas of the United Kingdom, ensuring that the training suits your needs and location. Feel free to reach out to our Course Leader to discuss dates, hours, and any other inquiries you may have.

  • Category: One to One Tuition
  • Duration: 12:60 Hours
  • Address: United Kingdom (Map)
  • More Info: We cover all areas of the United Kingdom that suits the delegate.


More Information

Our team, who are all active celebrants, are perfectly placed to deliver excellent celebrant tuition and give current industry information.