Questions most commonly asked by our candidates and current delegates.

We want to clarify that these rumours are completely false. In the United Kingdom, there is currently no official certificate, diploma, or exam that you must undertake and pass in order to work as a Professional Celebrant. Any organisation claiming to sell you this qualification, stating that it might be necessary in the future, should be approached with caution.

Each Celebrant training organisation is responsible for establishing its own standards, accreditation process, and Code of Conduct, which all trainees and members must adhere to. At APC, we hold our students to high standards and provide accreditation upon completion of our course. As a result, you will automatically become a member of APC.

Learn more about why you do not require an NOCN / Level 3 Certificate to become a professional celebrant by clicking HERE
In their role as a civil funeral celebrant, they have the honour of meeting with the bereaved family and friends of the departed individual.

Through compassionate and thoughtful discussions, they work collaboratively to establish an order of service that reflects the wishes and desires of the family. Additionally, they take on the responsibility of crafting a heartfelt eulogy or tribute that will be shared during the funeral.

As the celebrant, they gracefully lead the service, standing at the forefront and addressing the gathered congregation. They also extend invitations to those chosen by the family to participate in offering readings, prayers, or music, creating a deeply personal and meaningful experience for all.

Above all, their primary role as a celebrant is to ensure that the wishes of the departed, as well as their family and friends, are respected and carried out with utmost care and sensitivity.

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is a beautiful tribute that focuses on celebrating the unique life and personality of a cherished individual.

Typically held at a crematorium or a non-religious burial site, this ceremony can also take the form of a memorial or the burial of ashes following a funeral.

The beauty of a Civil Funeral Ceremony lies in its flexibility. It can be entirely non-religious, allowing for personal and heartfelt expressions of love and remembrance. Alternatively, it can incorporate religious elements like hymns, readings, or prayers, catering to the diverse beliefs and traditions of those in attendance. In fact, it can even embrace elements from different faiths, creating a truly inclusive and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

While our services primarily cover most cities in the UK, we understand that there may be instances where training is required outside of these areas. In such cases, we are more than willing to accommodate your needs and travel further upon request.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and location. We are committed to providing our services wherever they are needed, ensuring that you receive the support and training you require, regardless of your location.
Age is not a limiting factor for individuals interested in training for this meaningful work. There is no upper age limit for those who wish to embark on this journey.

Rest assured, we respect your preferences and understand the importance of maintaining a respectful and non-intrusive approach. We will only contact you once in response to your initial inquiry regarding our training.

Unlike some providers who may employ aggressive sales tactics, our focus is on being open, transparent, and providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We encourage you to explore other options and compare them to ensure you find the best fit for your needs.

In fact, our commitment to a non-pushy approach has been recognised by our delegates. According to a recent survey, 24% of respondents chose The Academy of Professional Celebrants because we were not a hard sell. We take pride in this feedback and strive to maintain our reputation for professionalism and respect in all our interactions.
The current fee for a celebrant's services is approximately £220 nationwide. Typically, this fee is added to the final invoice of the family by the Funeral Director. On the day of the Funeral Service, the Funeral Director will make the payment to the celebrant.

However, there may be instances where the family prefers to pay the celebrant directly. In such cases, the family can make arrangements to pay the celebrant directly for their services.
Our comprehensive course is designed to cover every aspect of the profession, providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a competent celebrant. We leave no stone unturned, equipping you with a wide range of tools, tips, and techniques that will enhance your abilities in this meaningful role.

As part of the course, you will receive a comprehensive training pack that includes valuable resources and materials to support your learning journey. Additionally, you will receive a book that further complements the training, providing additional insights and guidance.

We are committed to ensuring that you have all the necessary resources and support to excel in your role as a celebrant. Our training program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to create meaningful and memorable ceremonies for the families you serve.

What sets us apart is that our team of trainers consists of practicing and successful industry celebrants who are passionate about sharing their wealth of experience and resources with others. We believe in the power of mentorship and accessibility, which is why we are committed to being there for you every step of the way.

Unlike some courses that may lack personal interaction, we prioritise direct contact and support. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to connect with your trainer, whether it be through phone calls or emails. This ensures that you have a real person guiding you, answering your questions, and providing valuable insights and feedback.

We understand that personalised support and mentorship are crucial in your journey to becoming a skilled celebrant. With us, you can trust that you will have direct access to experienced professionals who are dedicated to your success.
Becoming a funeral celebrant does not require any specific qualifications. However, considering the unique nature of this profession, we strongly believe that individuals aspiring to be funeral celebrants should undergo proper training.

Upon completion of our training program, you will be awarded the prestigious Certificate of Distinction in Funeral Celebrancy. This certificate holds significant recognition and is highly recommended within the funeral industry.

We have chosen not to seek external qualifications, such as the NOCN diploma, for our training program. This decision was made to prevent the availability of a generic qualification that can be easily obtained by anyone, regardless of their experience or expertise.

In our humble opinion, we believe that this approach does not provide good value for money. We strive to offer a comprehensive and specialised training program that ensures our funeral celebrants are well-prepared and equipped to provide exceptional services.
Unlike many other organisations, we are committed to providing personalised support every step of the way. We understand that you may need guidance and assistance, and we are here to offer a helping hand. 

You can easily reach us by phone, where our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Additionally, you have the convenience of emailing your trainer directly, ensuring prompt and direct communication. We believe in fostering a strong connection between our trainers and students, which is why you will also have access to your trainer's phone number.

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with your studies. We are dedicated to providing ongoing support even after you have completed your training with us. We want to ensure that you feel supported and confident in your role as a funeral celebrant.

For further details or if you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at:

Telephone: 0333 455 9029

The distance a funeral celebrant is willing to travel is entirely up to them. They have the flexibility to decide how far they are willing to go to conduct funeral ceremonies. In some cases, celebrants may include mileage charges in their fee to cover the additional travel expenses.

The choice to work locally or travel a bit further depends on the celebrant's location and their personal preferences. Some celebrants may prefer to focus on serving their local community, while others may be open to traveling longer distances to take on more funeral ceremonies.

Ultimately, the decision is in the hands of the celebrant, allowing them to tailor their services based on their availability, location, and desired workload.
Indeed, the demand for unique and non-traditional ceremonies is increasing. As a celebrant, you have the opportunity to cater to this growing trend. Whether you choose to pursue this career on a part-time or full-time basis, you have the flexibility to determine the number of hours you wish to work.

This profession allows you to have control over your schedule and workload. You can decide how many ceremonies you want to take on, allowing you to strike a balance between your personal life and professional commitments. This flexibility makes celebrancy an attractive career option for those seeking a fulfilling and adaptable vocation.
At our academy, we are committed to delivering all our courses live. This means that you will have the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from our experienced trainers. Whether you choose to attend our courses online or in a classroom setting, we guarantee that the quality of training will remain consistent.

We understand the importance of interactive and personalised learning experiences. By participating in live sessions, you will have the chance to engage directly with APC, ensuring that you receive valuable feedback and guidance throughout your training. Rest assured that regardless of the format you choose, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of instruction and support.
Determining if funeral celebrancy is the right fit for you requires careful consideration. If you have thoroughly immersed yourself in our literature, heeded our guidance, and sought insights from other celebrants and industry professionals, and yet you still feel a strong inclination towards this profession, it is likely that funeral celebrancy will bring you immense satisfaction and pave the way for success. However, if your motivation primarily stems from financial gain or treating it as a mere pastime, it may not be the most suitable path for you. It is crucial to acknowledge that funeral celebrancy entails a significant amount of training and the work itself is undeniably demanding.
Becoming a wedding celebrant does not require any specific qualifications. However, considering the unique demands of this profession, we strongly believe that individuals aspiring to be wedding celebrants should undergo proper training.

Upon completion of our training program, you will be awarded the prestigious Certificate of Distinction in Wedding Celebrancy. This certificate holds great recognition and is highly recommended within the wedding industry.

We have chosen not to seek external qualifications, such as the NOCN diploma, for our training. This decision was made to prevent the availability of a generic qualification that can be easily obtained by anyone, regardless of their experience or expertise.

In our humble opinion, we believe that this approach does not provide good value for money. We strive to offer a comprehensive and specialised training program that truly prepares individuals for the unique challenges of being a wedding celebrant.
Our commitment to your training extends beyond the classroom. While we take pride in providing first-class training during your time with us, we understand that the profession of celebrancy is unpredictable and presents new challenges every day.

We are dedicated to being there for you every step of the way, ensuring that you never feel overwhelmed or unsure in any situation. Our course leaders are available to support you on an ongoing basis, whether it be answering questions over the phone or through email.

In addition, you will have access to our APC platforms, where you can engage with other professionally trained celebrants. This platform allows you to share and discuss issues, providing a valuable support network as you navigate your career as a celebrant. We genuinely care about your well-being and the families you serve, and we are committed to providing the ongoing support you need.
Based on our experience, the answer is a resounding yes! Once you have completed your training, you will develop the necessary skills and mindset. When the time comes for you to lead an actual funeral, your primary goal will be to deliver an exceptional ceremony for your client. Your unwavering dedication to perfection will overpower any emotions that may potentially disrupt your performance.
1. How many Celebrants have you trained, and what is their success rate in finding work?
2. What is your policy on mentoring and follow-up support after training?
3. Do you offer one-to-one support for students after they complete the training?
4. Is Celebrant insurance included as part of the training package?
5. Do students have the opportunity to visit a crematorium or meet a Funeral Director for practical experience?
6. Do you provide comprehensive training across all aspects of Celebrancy, including the "Four Pillars"?
7. What continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities do you offer to graduates?
8. What is the student to trainer ratio for your courses?
9. Are there opportunities for graduate students to shadow experienced Celebrants?
10. How many students continue to be paying members after their first year of training?

Asking these questions will help you assess the training provider's experience, support, practical opportunities, and the success of their graduates. It is important to choose a provider that aligns with your needs and offers ongoing support for your career as a Professional Celebrant.
While it is not absolutely necessary to be on social media to attract clients as a Professional Celebrant, it can be highly beneficial for your business. Social media platforms serve as excellent marketing tools that can be utilised to promote your services and reach a wider audience. During your training, we will introduce you to various marketing strategies, including social media, as part of our comprehensive approach. However, we understand that every business is unique, and one size does not fit all. If you have reservations or preferences regarding social media, we are here to support you and explore alternative methods of advertising and marketing that align with your needs and preferences.
Our courses do not include accommodation. This decision was made after extensive discussions with our trained celebrants, who expressed a preference for the flexibility of a non-residential course. We understand that individuals have varying expectations and budgets when it comes to booking accommodation. Many of our students have the option to stay with family or friends, eliminating the need for additional expenses.

Furthermore, we have noticed that our Funeral Celebrancy Training often evokes intense emotions in some students. It is important for them to have the time and space to acknowledge and process these feelings.
All of our online courses are conducted in real-time, with live instruction. Unlike other providers who pre-record their training sessions and divide them into smaller segments, we believe in the value of immediate feedback and avoiding outdated content.

This approach ensures that delegates receive the most up-to-date information and can actively engage with the course material. While some training providers may opt for pre-recorded videos to cut costs, we prioritize the quality of our training by delivering live sessions.

When researching online celebrancy training options, we recommend considering the delivery method to ensure you get the most out of your course. At APC, we consistently offer live training to provide you with the best learning experience possible.
The APC training courses are run by a team of trainers who are all fully trained celebrants. This distinguishes us from other training providers that may not have trainers with celebrant experience.
At APC, we believe that not everyone is suited to become a celebrant, and we want to ensure that individuals with specific personality traits and experiences come forward for our training. We prioritise honesty and do not want anyone to waste their money, so if we determine that celebrancy may not be the right fit for you, we will provide that feedback.
Indeed, a significant number of individuals opt to work as celebrants on a part-time basis alongside their other commitments. It is common for people to have full-time jobs during the week and then schedule ceremonies specifically for the weekends.
We are open to individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life to become celebrants. While it is not mandatory, we do find that many of our trainees have experience in care or teaching, which enables them to bring valuable skills. However, possessing the right attitude is the most important factor, and we are here to assist anyone who has it.
Age is not a barrier when it comes to becoming a celebrant. Regardless of your stage in life, anyone can pursue this path. In fact, many celebrants are more mature individuals, and their wealth of life experience is often highly beneficial. As long as you possess a willingness to learn and put in the effort, your age should not be a determining factor.
Regrettably, we do not have government-funded spaces for celebrancy training. However, there may be other providers that offer such funding. If this is a requirement for you, we suggest seeking out an organisation that can provide the necessary financial assistance. Our aim is to prevent any financial hardship, so we recommend ensuring that you are in a stable financial position to cover the course fees and the expenses associated with starting a new business.
Your APC training certificate can serve as evidence of your professional training when reaching out to Funeral Directors. It is crucial for them to be aware of your comprehension of funeral procedures and protocols.

Additionally, you can present your certificates to a couple who may require reassurance. If not necessary, proudly showcase and frame it in your workspace.
Training courses are conducted on a monthly basis. We consistently update our schedule, and you can find the latest dates listed on our website. You have the flexibility to book onto any course that suits your availability in the future.
The fees for wedding celebrant services are flexible and depend on specific requirements, typically ranging from £450 to £1000. This wide range is due to the significant variations in wedding ceremonies.

In England and Wales, the completion of marriage paperwork is currently limited to Registrars and designated religious clergy & officiants. As a result, this aspect remains distinct from the Wedding Celebration Ceremony, at least for now.

Couples typically schedule a visit to their local Register Office to formalise the paperwork at a time that suits them. It is common for couples to make these arrangements a day or two in advance and attend the appointment in casual attire, without any guests present. We advise against exchanging rings before meeting with the Registrar. Interestingly, most wedding guests are unaware that the legal aspect has already been taken care of and are always pleasantly surprised by the personal touch of their celebrant-led service!
Upon successfully completing the training course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Funeral or Wedding Celebrancy.
Absolutely. We understand that everyone has various obligations, such as family, work, or personal matters, so our training sessions can accommodate those schedules by offering evening or weekend options.
To become a celebrant, it is beneficial to have confidence in public speaking and possess good listening skills. Additionally, having computer literacy, research, and writing skills is important. A willingness to learn and prioritise the needs of clients is also essential, as the focus should be on them rather than yourself.
A skilled wedding celebrant creates an atmosphere where you can fully enjoy your ceremony, allowing your guests to have a memorable experience as well. They excel at storytelling, captivating and entertaining the audience. Their confidence shines through their facial expressions, gestures, and body language.

Selecting the right celebrant training provider is an important decision as it will impact your career as a celebrant. Here are some steps to help you choose the right training provider:

Research and gather information: Start by researching different celebrant training providers in your area or online. Look for their websites, read reviews, and gather information about their courses, curriculum, and trainers.

Recognition: Check if the training provider is recognised by relevant industry bodies or associations. This ensures that the training program meets certain standards and is recognised within the celebrant industry.

Course content and structure: Review the course content and structure offered by each training provider. Look for comprehensive courses that cover all aspects of celebrancy, including legal requirements, ceremony planning, public speaking, and cultural sensitivity. Ensure that the course aligns with your learning objectives and career goals.

Trainer qualifications and experience: Find out about the trainers or facilitators who will be conducting the training. Look for their qualifications, experience as celebrants, and their reputation within the industry. Experienced trainers can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout your training.

Training delivery method: Consider the training delivery method that suits your learning style and preferences. Some training providers offer in-person classes, while others provide online courses. Choose a method that fits your schedule and learning needs.

Support and resources: Inquire about the support and resources provided by the training provider. Look for additional materials, ongoing mentorship, or networking opportunities that can enhance your learning experience and professional development.

Cost and value for money: Compare the costs of different training providers and evaluate the value for money. Consider the quality of the training, course duration, additional resources, and support provided. Remember that investing in a reputable and comprehensive training program can benefit your career in the long run.

Recommendations and testimonials: Seek recommendations from other celebrants or professionals in the industry. Read testimonials or reach out to past students to get their feedback on the training provider and their experience with the course.

Trust your instincts: Finally, trust your instincts and choose a training provider that resonates with you. Consider factors such as their reputation, responsiveness to your inquiries, and overall impression you get from their communication.

By following these steps, you can make an informed decision and select the right celebrant training provider that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

We do not provide discounts or price reductions on our in-person or live online courses for individuals who have completed a Celebrancy course or similar courses outside of APC in the past.

Our course is comprehensive, thorough, and covers topics that are not included in other similar courses in the UK. Therefore, all prospective students must pay the same fees for our course, regardless of their background or prior experience.