We deliver unparalleled training and support to expedite your path to success with our exceptional celebrant tuition

APC graduates achieve success due to the industry-focused training they have received.

Our distinctive teaching approach ensures that graduates acquire the necessary skills, mindset, connections, and practical experience to thrive in the actual professional environment. 

In the video below, Tessa Sheehy, a graduate of APC, discusses her achievements 14 weeks after finishing the program.

Are you seeking a career that brings both fulfilment and satisfaction? Are you someone who thrives on the art of public speaking? If your answer is a resounding yes, then look no further! Joining APC as a celebrant could be the ideal path for you.

Embracing the role of a celebrant offers a viable and heartwarming profession. Whether you choose to work full-time or part-time, our celebrants relish the freedom of being self-employed.


People from diverse backgrounds and experiences have sought out our training to learn how to create meaningful and personalised ceremonies for families and couples, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Our unique and specialised training takes us across the UK, offering an intense and participant-focused experience. During the training, you will have ample opportunities to practice, explore valuable resources, and develop your skills in working with families and delivering impactful public presentations. We prioritise hands-on learning and provide a supportive environment for you to build your expertise in this field.

There is an undeniable magnetism to celebrancy that resonates with a specific type of individual.

Our comprehensive training program has successfully prepared individuals from diverse backgrounds to excel as skilled funeral and wedding celebrants. Among our accomplished graduates are funeral directors, funeral arrangers, lawyers, school teachers, hospice professionals, police officers, firemen, journalists, writers, television presenters, actors, business people, radio presenters, commentators from SKY Sports, cabin crew, registrars, semi-retired professionals, and individuals with a strong professional working background.

Our program is designed for individuals who possess the confidence and aptitude to work closely with others and effectively engage with the public. It is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a career change or embarking on a new venture in the celebrant industry.

The realm of celebrancy beckons those who possess a unique blend of compassion, a desire to serve others, and a natural talent for both eloquent writing and captivating public speaking.

Does this sound like you?

Our program also focuses on enhancing participants' comprehension of the significance of creative writing and public speaking, as well as the protocols and contemporary trends in wedding and funeral ceremonies.

Through our training, participants will refine their capacity to actively listen, interpret, and empathise with the needs of families, enabling them to effectively assist in planning services that are both appropriate and deeply meaningful. By the end of the program, participants will have honed their storytelling and creative writing abilities, gained confidence in public speaking, and acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate meaningful relationships with families and couples.


A significant number of our former students have made the courageous decision to leave their previous occupations and pursue a fulfilling career in celebrancy.

Did you know..

That many celebrants fail in their initial year because they lack comprehensive guidance on how to successfully launch, establish and grow their celebrant business? As experienced funeral directors and celebrants, we can provide firsthand knowledge and assist you in adopting the most effective approach. We strongly believe that implementing the right marketing strategy is crucial for achieving significant success in your Celebrancy business.

Success Story - Radio DJ Dave Adams

To be a successful celebrant, it is important to have a range of IT skills. These skills will not only be useful during your training but also in your day-to-day work. Here are some essential IT skills you need to be a celebrant:

  • File and Folder Management: You should be able to create, name, use, save, and retrieve files and folders efficiently. This will help you stay organised and easily access the documents you need.
  • Word Processing: Familiarity with word processing software, such as Microsoft Word or similar programs, is crucial. You should be comfortable using the software to create and edit documents.
  • Toolbars and Icons: Understanding how to navigate toolbars and use icons is important for efficient document editing and formatting.
  • Copy and Paste: Being able to copy and paste sections of text will save you time and effort when creating or editing documents.
  • Track Changes: Understanding how to use the "track changes" function is essential for collaborating with clients or colleagues on document revisions.
  • Formatting Text: You should be able to apply formatting styles such as bold, underline, and italics to enhance the appearance and readability of your documents.
  • Font and Formatting: Being able to change font type, size, and colour will allow you to personalise your documents and make them visually appealing.
  • Text Alignment: You should be able to centre text on a page and justify it to the right or left as needed for proper document layout.
  • Line Spacing and Page Breaks: Understanding how to adjust line spacing within a document and insert page breaks will help you create well-structured and organised documents.
  • Undo and Redo Functions: Knowing how to use the undo and redo functions will allow you to easily correct mistakes or revert changes.
  • Tab Key: Understanding how the tab key works is important for proper document formatting and alignment.
  • Headers, Footers, and Bullets: You should be able to use headers and footers to add important information to your documents. Additionally, knowing how to use bullet points and numbering will help you create organised and visually appealing lists.
  • Save and Save As: Understanding the difference between "Save" and "Save As" is crucial for proper file management and version control.

If you already possess these skills, you are well-equipped to be a celebrant. However, if you need to improve your IT skills, there are many free online tutorials available that can help you enhance your proficiency in these areas.


 Student visit to The Great Glen Crematorium in Leicester

Welcome to the new 2024 series of podcasts. 

In this episode, we have a conversation with Tessa Sheehy from Grantham, who discusses her experiences as a celebrant in her local area & beyond.

Episode 1

Join Derek Duncan our podcast host, speaking with Jeff Diack APC celebrant from Aberdeen, as we dive into the world of Celebrancy and exchange valuable tips and guidance.

Episode 2

Join Derek Duncan, the host of the podcast, as he explores the topic of building confidence in client interactions with APC Celebrant and public speaking coach Kevin Harvey from Leeds.

Episode 3

In this special episode, we have a conversation with APC Celebrant Keith Donnelly, residing in Fuerteventura. Keith discusses the various methods of organising and conducting funerals, contrasting them with practices in the UK.

Episode 4

Join us in this episode as we chat with academy alumni Berni Martin, who shares her inspiring journey from a career in business to becoming a successful celebrant. Berni discusses the challenges she faced, the lessons learned, and the path to success in her new role. Don't miss this insightful conversation about embracing change and following your passion.

Episode 5

Becoming a celebrant requires a unique set of skills and qualities. While academic achievements are not the main focus, it is essential to possess sensitivity, understanding, and a genuine love for people. The ability to connect with others and provide exceptional customer service is crucial in this role.

Effective verbal communication skills are a must, as celebrants are responsible for delivering meaningful ceremonies and speeches. Additionally, having a good grasp of business management is important for running a successful celebrancy practice. Collaboration is key in this field, so the ability to work well with others and demonstrate leadership skills is highly valued. Being proactive and using your initiative to create memorable and personalised ceremonies is also essential.

Active listening skills are vital for understanding the needs and desires of clients, ensuring that their ceremonies reflect their unique personalities and values. Lastly, being comfortable with technology and having basic computer skills is necessary for managing administrative tasks. At the Academy of Professional Celebrants, we understand the importance of these skills and qualities. We are dedicated to guiding aspiring celebrants on their journey, providing the necessary support and training to help them become exceptional celebrants who truly stand out in the industry.

Master the art of crafting and delivering extraordinary ceremonies that leave a lasting impact, embodying the heartfelt desires and aspirations of your clients.


With our team of experienced and supportive tutors, who have accumulated over 17 years of expertise, we guarantee that you will flourish in confidence.

Start on a prosperous professional journey - Our mission is to ensure your triumph in the world of business. Allow us to lead you through the essential knowledge and skills required to thrive in your fresh career.

Tailored face-to-face and interactive virtual courses - Crafted with attention to detail, drawing from extensive research and valuable feedback.

Commence your professional journey with no prior experience and emerge equipped with all the essential knowledge and skills required to embark on your new career. No further training necessary.

In a sea of certified celebrants, your individuality sets you apart. Your distinctiveness will add a special touch and provide couples and families with the options they truly deserve.

Establish a celebrant business that is centred around the heart, prioritising love in all its forms. Embrace the profound love shared between the deep affection of families, for their cherished members, and the overarching love for humanity. Let love be the guiding force in every aspect of your celebrant services.

There is truly nothing comparable to the freedom and fulfilment of being your own boss. Building a business that aligns with your passions and values, and having the ability to shape your own life according to your vision, is an unparalleled experience. Embrace the joy and satisfaction that comes with running a business you love, and enjoy the unique journey of creating your own path.


We understand that you're already convinced of the incredible opportunities and fulfilment that come with being a celebrant. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here! But just in case you have any lingering doubts, let us assure you that it truly is an amazing profession. As a celebrant, you have the privilege of helping couples celebrate one of the most special days of their lives. You get to be surrounded by love and happiness, working in breathtaking venues that become your office. What's not to love? And let's not forget the freedom and satisfaction that comes with running your own business. It's a win-win situation, right? On the other hand, being a celebrant also means being there for people during their most difficult moments. You have the honour and responsibility of creating a ceremony that reflects the entire life and character of a loved one. You hold space for the emotions and voices of those in attendance, listening to and retelling cherished stories. It's a humbling yet rewarding experience, one that is both emotional and life-affirming. We can confidently say that being a celebrant is the best job in the world. Now that you're filled with excitement and a strong desire to pursue this path, you need the necessary know-how and training to match. That's where we come in. The Academy of Professional Celebrants offers comprehensive celebrant training courses that will equip you with everything you need and more. Whether you aspire to be a certified wedding celebrant, a certified funeral celebrant, or both, our courses will kickstart your new career and provide you with all the tools necessary to excel in the best job in the world.

The course is thorough, well-paced and gave me the knowledge and expertise needed to move forward successfully in this career. The support doesn't end there!

M.H - Ulverston

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The impact of our training

has transformed the lives of numerous individuals

The training provided by the APC is second to none. It covers everything a new practitioner will need to learn in order to conduct professional sensitive and bespoke funeral services. Excellent service and value for money.
Lady Natalie Carter - APC Graduate.
Our training extends outside the classroom!
Photo taken at York Crematorium

We offer top-notch training courses for wedding, naming, and funeral celebrants, along with business enhancement programs to assist you throughout the process!

Our primary objective is to ensure that your learning experience is not only educational but also enjoyable. We take great pride in the exceptional quality of our training programs and curriculum.

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