As a civil funeral celebrant they meet with the family and friends of a person who has passed away.

During the discussion they will put in place an order of service, as well as creating a eulogy or tribute to be read at the funeral. As the celebrant they would usually lead the service, standing at the front and addressing the congregation as well as inviting up anyone you have chosen to partake in offering readings, prayers or music.

The main role as a celebrant is to carry out the wishes of the loved one, their family and friends.

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is about celebrating the life and personality of a loved one.

It often takes place at a crematorium or non religious burial site. Sometimes it is a memorial ceremony or burial of ashes after a funeral.

The ceremony can be non-religious or contain religious elements such as hymns, readings or prayers. It can also include elements of different faiths.

We generally cover most cities in the UK, however if the training is to be outside of those areas, then please get in touch as we are happy to travel further upon request.
There is no upper age limit for those wishing to train for this work.
Once course is complete, celebrants either work on a self-employed basis, or are employed by their organisation. Training on self-employment is included.
Yes, please give us a call and we'll will work out a monthly plan for you. Once all instalments have been received, you will then be able to come on the Course.
The current fee is around £200 nationally and the fee is normally added to the families final invoice. The Funeral Director will pay the Celebrant on the day of the Funeral Service. However on occasion the Family may pay the celebrant direct. 
Overnight accommodation.
You must meet your own transport needs and costs.

The course will cover every aspect of the profession and equip you with every tool, tip and technique you need to be a competent Celebrant. You will also receive a full training pack and book.

Please click HERE to see more about what we cover during your training. 

What's different about us - we are practicing successful industry celebrants who are only more than happy to share our experience and resources with others. We are accessible to you at all times. A real person is there with you every step of the way via phone or email. This course offers you direct contact with your trainer. Our Celebrancy courses have all been created by Stuart Logan, with many years experience as a celebrant and Funeral Director
There are no qualification required to become a funeral celebrant. However due to the specific nature of this work we do believe any person wishing to be a funeral celebrant should be trained.
Unlike many other organisations we are here to hold your hand if you need it. Yes, you can get us on the phone. Yes you can email your trainer direct. Yes you have the trainers phone number.  

For further details or assistance please contact
Telephone: 0800 448 0595
Primary contact: Stuart Logan
It's upto the Celebrant how far they travel. The Celebrant may include milage charges in their fee. They can choose to work locally or travel that bit further, depending on their location and how many funerals they wish to take on. 
Yes as a number of people wanting something unique that is different to traditional ceremonies is growing. This is a career that you can undertake part-time or full-time and choose the number of hours you wish to work.  
All courses are always delivered live. This means you will get immediate feedback from Stuart Logan.  In short, you will not lose out on the quality of training that we deliver whether that is online or classroom.
There are no qualification required to become a wedding celebrant. However due to the specific nature of this work we do believe any person wishing to be a wedding celebrant should be trained.
Yes, we work exclusively with funeral directors that trust us as a training provider and our certified celebrants to look after their families in their time of need. However, you can still continue to market yourself as an independent celebrant and generate funerals by marketing yourself to funerals providers in your area and beyond. 

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