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The Academy of Professional Celebrants has a mission to provide exceptional standards of service and facility to the delegates that use our services. Therefore it is our aim to provide appropriate and affordable training by students who are sincerely dedicated to our mission, and who take a great pride in their craft as a result.

The APC's code of practice ensures that we have a team of exceptionally competent and skilled celebrants. Our members can rely on receiving ample support and guidance throughout their careers. Additionally, couples and families can trust that our celebrants will deliver a truly beautiful ceremony with the utmost professionalism.

All members are required to follow our Code of Practice.


Civil funerals will always be conducted with the utmost care and consideration, aiming to meet the client's needs and wishes.

Whenever possible, a face-to-face meeting will be arranged with the client, typically at their home. For security reasons, members should inform a relative or colleague in advance about their planned home visits.

The tribute given during a civil funeral will be based on accurate information obtained from multiple sources. Members are encouraged to seek information from friends and colleagues.

Family members and close friends of the deceased will be encouraged to participate in the funeral ceremony.

Members will use their interviewing skills and writing abilities to build trust with clients and create a text that accurately and respectfully celebrates the life of the deceased.

If requested, a civil funeral may include religious elements.

Members will not disclose the number of funerals they have conducted but will refrain from sharing details of other clients' funerals.

Civil funerals will always be delivered from a complete written text, which may include contributions from others. The client should be given the opportunity to review the text before the funeral, and a commemorative copy will be offered afterwards.

For cremations, members will provide a music cue sheet to the chapel staff to ensure the appropriate use of music during the ceremony.

Members will dress appropriately for formal occasions, following social customs. Wearing all black is not mandatory, but clients can request the celebrant to dress in black.

Members can coordinate with the funeral director regarding the order of entrance for the celebrant, funeral director, coffin, family group, and guests at the chapel or graveside.

Members will not use their access to clients to promote any products, paid services, personal beliefs, or other interests. Those who also work in register offices or similar roles will not use their position to promote civil funerals.

Members will strive to maintain positive relationships with staff at local crematoria, cemeteries, and funeral directors.

Punctuality is important when meeting with clients, funeral directors, crematorium and cemetery staff, and when conducting funerals. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, every effort will be made to provide emergency cover.

Members will not engage in any actions that could bring disrepute to the Academy of Professional Celebrants or damage its reputation.

Members will not criticise other members, clients, or individuals working in the funeral industry.

Members will treat all information received in the course of their work as confidential and will show courtesy and respect to clients and those working in the funeral industry.


The Code of Practice for Wedding Celebrants ensures that couples who are married by a civil celebrant can have confidence in their celebrant's services. 

High standard of practice: Members will maintain a professional conduct and practice, including appropriate personal presentation, punctuality, and accuracy in document preparation and ceremony conduct.

Recognition of the significance of weddings: Members will acknowledge the social, cultural, and legal importance of weddings and the wedding ceremony in the community, as well as the value of strong and respectful family relationships.

General requirements for marriage ceremonies: Members will respect the significance of the wedding ceremony to you and other involved parties. This includes providing information and guidance for choosing or composing a ceremony, respecting privacy and confidentiality, and facilitating the secure storage and return of personal documents.

Knowledge of family and relationship services: Members will stay updated on appropriate family relationship services in the community and inform you about the available resources and services to enhance and sustain the relationship.

In summary, Members will ensure they provide excellent customer service in accordance with our Code of Practice.

Updated by APC Admin  - February 2021

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